Hawaii Elder Law Attorneys

Most people in their twenties and thirties begin making financial plans for the future. As we get older, our priorities change from making money to protecting what we have accumulated. Elder law attorneys are here to do just that, offering a wide range of services, from wills and estate document preparation to long-term care planning to upholding the rights and dignity of individuals in such facilities. Many individuals already have part of an elder care plan in place or know they need to develop one from scratch, but they are unsure about what to do next.

At Estate Planning America, our experienced elder law attorneys focus exclusively on the unique needs of older Island residents, so we are well-positioned to fill both these gaps. Typically, we begin with a complimentary estate and trust review. We talk about your current situation, your financial and non-financial goals, and your concerns about your family’s future. Then, partnering with you, we assemble and execute a plan that meets these needs and exceeds your expectations.

Getting Started

Before taking the first step, it is imperative that both parties understand their roles in the process, because elder law is a unique area of law. Lawyers must be both attorneys (zealous advocates and independent problem-solvers) as well as counsellors (trusted professional confidants who give solid legal advice). Through our many years of practice, we have found that balance.

Perhaps even more than in other areas of law, elder law attorneys depend greatly on their clients. Open communication is a two-way street, and without such a dialogue, we cannot help you deal with all the issues you face. Always remember that whatever situation you are in, there are about a thousand other Hawaiians who are in that same boat, so working together, we can almost always find a solution.

Furthermore, our relationship is built on mutual respect. When we connect, we promise not to waste your time with chit-chat or unnecessarily prolong meetings because we are unprepared, and we know that you will do the same thing.

Advanced Estate Planning

Typically, we begin at the beginning, because most Hawaiians do not have a will, which is the most basic estate planning document. Without a will, the state makes important decisions about your family’s life and the distribution of your assets. Wills, especially when accompanied by trusts, can also make provisions for minor disabled children, help your heirs avoid probate to the greatest extent possible, and accomplish other goals.

Your loved ones deserve the best elder care available. Our firm is here to protect your family and help you understand elder law and Medicaid eligibility. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!